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How to Build a Successful Website

Search Engine Marketing Strategies for Pregnancy Help Organizations - Part 1: SEM Starter Kit

When a women is facing a crisis pregnancy, she usually looks online for help or answers. We want to make sure the help she finds is your Pregnancy Help Organization. But how can you make sure that happens in the most cost-effective way?

A good online strategy uses multiple tools: your website, online directories, back-linking, advertising, online media, and more. This series will show you which tools are the most important (and cost-effective) for your organization.

First things first!
Next things next.

You probably won’t employ every strategy available, and you probably shouldn’t.  An organization in a small town with no competition would likely use the top 2 or 3 methods, while one in New York City should probably use the top 6. No matter what your situation, initiating these tools in the order suggested, and will get you the most effective results possible.

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Why buy a web-site when you can rent?

Part II of 'How to buy a website':

This question is uniquely important for the Pregnancy Help Community because our web-sites are unique. They can include medical content, they attract visitors who are in crisis, and our competition is well-funded and destructive, so the stakes are high.

Let’s explore the primary factors in the Buy vs. Rent decision - which option saves you the most money, and which option is more effective online.

Spoiler alert! We, at Extend Web Services, feel the rental option wins on both counts in almost every situation. That’s why we ‘rent’ sites, rather than ‘sell’ them.


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Local Search: One-time Setup v. Monthly Management

Local Search Marketing Part III:

Many Web Services firms offer two types of Local Search Marketing services, so I wanted to explain the difference between these services.

This is a quick blog that assumes you know what Local Search is.  For information about Local Search, read our previous blog.


One-time Setup - 'Set it and forget it':

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How to Buy a Website

Your first question might be, “Should I buy a web-site?”.

Let’s assume you made that decision and are moving to the next question; “How do I decide?”.  This blog shares a couple important thoughts about website marketing and web-business models.

The easy answers to “How do I decide?” are, do your homework, check references, and talk with others in the community.

However; I’d like to give you some additional ammunition – a couple insights that will help you understand what to expect - Words of truth, if not wisdom:

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Local Search: Professional Help is Advisable

We're preparing to post a series of blogs about Local Search - What it is, why it's important, ect., but I wanted to share an anecdote while it was fresh.  I got this from Tim, our Local Search Expert:

"I am continually working on (a new client's) campaigns and through that work I uncovered an additional 18 duplicate citations on Google alone. Some of them were created by Google and others by someone at (the new client's organization) over the years. All the duplications are hurtful to them because it's providing inconsistency across the board. Most of them don't appear anywhere in relevant search results so they've been hidden from me pretty well, but some extra digging brought them to the surface.
Just another example of how lack of experience or neglect can hurt in the long run."
Local Search is the most important and cost-effective Search Engine Marketing tool available.  That's why we spent so much time and energy becoming Local Search Experts.  and that's why we're making multiple efforts to get the word out.
We'll publish a few Local Search blogs within the next couple months.  Keep a look-out!
Please feel free to share comments or questions about Local Search.  We'll be happy to respond either here or by Email.
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