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Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level!


We’ve all been there. We visit a site or search for a product and suddenly it feels like we’re being followed around the internet by similar sites and products beckoning us to “click here” and “buy now." While this may feel a little odd, even slightly creepy, did it make you click?

Targeted Display Advertising is a type of digital marketing that targets potential customers or clients based on a large set of variables, such as demographics, keywords, online habits, and interests. 

While most of us have become accustomed to this type of marketing, many pregnancy help organizations have yet to take a leap into Targeted Display Advertising. Perhaps you have a website with excellent SEO, you may have a blog where you regularly post content. You may have taken things one step further and created a successful Google Ads Campaign. Targeted Display Advertising takes all these efforts and bolsters your digital marketing to the next level.

When a potential client visits your website, it’s a win. However, when she clicks away without deciding to take action it can feel like a loss. Targeted Display Ads are designed to stay in front of her even after she clicks away. This repeat messaging increases the likelihood of potential clients returning to your site and acting, transforming them into actual client. 

Targeted Display Ads also use search retargeting. A woman searching for certain keywords or phrases will be targeted by your ads based on search volume and relevance to your campaign.

Targeted Display Ads are not limited to physical locations like other advertising tactics. If a woman is searching for the abortion pill, she can be reached by your ads without visiting an abortion business or leaving her own home.

Digital marketing may seem expensive, but the return on your investment is worth it.  It is an innovative and effective ways to reach more at-risk women in their greatest hours of need so you can provide help and hope to empower them to choose life!

We'd love to chat with you more about this exciting new product from Extend. Please click here to connect with our team and start reaching more women searching for help today! 

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