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Jenn's Question of the Month - Where do I begin when it comes to marketing?


Happy Summer! I hope this blog finds you doing great!!

A topic that comes up quite often when I am chatting with different pregnancy help organizations is – Where do I begin when it comes to marketing? And assuming you have gotten past the point of confirming your name, having a logo designed, and establishing your target audience(s); when it comes to figuring out where to begin, I think it is important to remember where a lot of the different areas of a marketing campaign point people to. Your website! So, this is the question I want to focus on for this month to cover why your website is an important starting point for your overall marketing strategy.

There are so many ways you can branch out when it comes to your marketing campaign. And the Extend Team at Heartbeat International focuses and specializes in all those crucial areas of marketing. We want to make sure you have a strong presence to reach you target audience(s). Whether you decide to have a Google Ads campaign to have ads show up for your center on Google surrounding the goals of what your campaign may be. Or, claiming your local Google My Business listings to make sure your information is up to date and current across all of those widely used search engines in your area to build trust with those search engines to show as a local listing when someone is looking for information surrounding pregnancy help. Maybe you are considering your social media strategy and which social media platforms you need to work on and build that community. 

All these areas link back to…Your lovely website. And most of the time, those visiting these areas you are branching out to will go to your website for more information (If they like what they see, want to learn more, or see that a question is being answered for them). And all these areas are an important part of reaching your audience. However, this is exactly why having a strong, updated, and relatable website that answers questions your audience is asking should be at the TOP of your marketing strategy list. 

And the list goes on for what points back to your website. Many areas of your search engine optimization (SEO) – Link back to your website. Blogs that are found organically – Link back to your website. Videos that you may put out there to promote your organization – You guessed it…a lot of times these give a link to your website. You even put your website on billboards, flyers, and so many more areas that you might decide is an important part of your marketing. 

If you are ever questioning a starting point or where you need to focus a good amount of time when it comes to your marketing plan, just remember that making sure your website is where it needs to be and then some – This is a priority. 

Have questions? Reach out! We would love to chat with you: 

Until next time! Have a wonderful June!

And don’t forget – You’re doing great!

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