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You are a pregnancy help center. Do you need a website?

Absolutely. Over 69% of Americans are using the internet for information and 80% of your target client audience (ages 18-24) is internet savvy. With other forms of advertising, like the phone book, becoming obsolete, you need to make your center visible and available to your target audience.

Moreover, your website is the first contact clients have with your center. From just one glance at your site, clients will decide whether your center is trustworthy and friendly. Having a polished, accessible website and making a lasting impression on your clients is integral to building and maintaining your client base.

Potential donors are also looking at your site and evaluating if your organization is the best choice for their money. First impressions are just as important with donors as they are with clients. Making your organization available and easily accessible to those who are willing to donate can make a substantial difference in the amount of funding your center receives. Looks are everything. Your website will show your potential donors that your center is trustworthy, responsible, up-to-date, and reaching its target demographic - the internet generation.

We know what information your clients are searching for. That is why Extend Web Services offers professional, affordable websites that are both visually appealing and informative. Your clients will be glad they found you!
Extend websites are medically accurate and up-to-date. You'll never have to worry about outdated, inaccurate information.
You can select from our client focused sites: Essentials, Exceptional, and Executive sites for donors and the community.

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Extend Web Services provides you with many products and services. Most of the time, people aren't sure how to get the most out of these services. Our knowledgebase will help walk you through all the features available to you!

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