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Jenn's Question of the Month: What do I need to include on my client-focused website?


Jenn here! Welcome back to another edition of Jenn’s Question of the Month, where I will cover a commonly asked question that we get from those throughout the pregnancy help community. Last month was focused on the importance of a Pregnancy Help Organization having two separate websites for each of their very different target audiences. 

This month (keeping somewhat around that topic) I want to cover half of a question we often get – What do I need to include on my client-focused website? 

Next month I will cover the second half of this question, which of course will be – What do I need to include on my supporter-focused website?  

What should I include on my client-focused website as a Pregnancy Help Organization? 

When creating your client-focused website, there are many important factors to consider when thinking about what the goals are for this website. An important question to start out with is – What is your client-focused audience looking for when they come to this website? It is important to remember to provide information that will answer all of the questions someone might have when visiting your site, as well as many ways to engage with someone and give opportunities to let them connect with you if they choose to. 

Some important items to be sure to include on your client-focused website are:

  • An overview of your center.
  • Information on what they can expect when coming to your center.
  • The services, classes, resources, etc. you provide
  • Medical facts/information to answer the many questions one may have including facts about pregnancy, abortion, APR, adoption, parenting, STDs, etc. (Be sure to check out one of our recent blogs “Abortion Information: Should I Have It on my Client Website?” for more information about including medical information on your client-focused website).
  • A call to action: A very clear and obvious way they can connect with your organization (Phone, address, live chat, text, scheduler, contact form, etc.) so that they don’t have a difficult time finding out how to reach out to you for help/questions. Consider the header or footer for these details as well as a contact us page and a slider on the home page.
  • A blog to offer more information, facts, and resources (this will also significantly help with your websites overall search engine optimization (SEO)!  

Keep your client website simple, neutral, and to the point always keeping her in mind!

Remember, it is important to keep your website clear and up to date. Reviewing and updating every page on your site often ensures your information is correct and relatable as words and culture constantly change from generation to generation. Be sure to also keep images on your website refreshed often so that your website doesn’t look dated and unattended to. 

Don’t forget – You’re doing great!


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