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Why Have a Blog on my Client Website?


Do you feel like you are always strategizing more ways to bring clients into your center? Or maybe you have some additional content you would like to include on your client site but don’t know where it should go. If you do not already have a blog on your website, I want to share a few reasons having a blog on your client site will benefit both you and your clients. 

Website Content Boosts Your SEO

We know your client is out there searching for answers to her questions when she faces an unexpected pregnancy. Maybe she is searching for abortion, maybe adoption, or maybe she is simply in need of support and encouragement. Blogs on the topics she or her family are searching for will point her to your site and help convert more of your site traffic into appointments. Relevant content on your site can move you up the list when she is searching for the answers to her questions in her time of need. The more content you have on your site, the more it boosts your Search Engine Optimization.


Brand Awareness


When she is searching for help, you want her to be familiar with you. Your blog is another piece of the brand awareness puzzle. If she has been scrolling through social media and sees your center and then finds she is pregnant and searches online with a question about what to do next, if she recognizes that familiar name, logo, color, etc., she is going to be more likely to click on your center for the help she needs. And your blog may very well answer one or more of the questions she has, leading her to making an appointment because she has become familiar with your brand and has started to sense that she can trust the people at this center.



We are Here to Help


If you already have your client website with Extend and do not have a blog on your site, we are happy to add Easy Blog to your site. Just login and submit a support ticket and we will get it added. You can either have your staff members write the blogs and then send them to us to post or we can give you access to post them yourself. 


Don’t have the time or the available staff to write the blogs for you? At Extend, our team can provide blogs unique to your center and your clients. Check out Extend’s blogging packages.


We are to help her find you! 

Stay Informed

When you subscribe to the blog, we will send you an e-mail when there are new updates on the site so you wouldn't miss them.

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