Google Ads Management

What is Google Ads Management?

Professional management of Google Ads campaigns of any size. We can take over an existing campaign or create a brand new one!

With Google Ads Campaign Management you can:

  • Monitor and calibrate a Google Ads campaign to increase quality scores and ad rankings
  • Optimize your limited campaign funds

Google Partner

Being a Google Partner signifies that Extend has multiple employees who are certified in Google Ads, continuously meet Google’s performance standards, show growth in client base, and participate in ongoing trainings.

Our Google Ads Management Features:

Mobile-Friendly Text Ads

Data shows that a vast majority of prospective clients are looking for information on a mobile device. We include site extensions to occupy more real-estate on their devices and better capture their attention.

Geographically Targeted

By carefully targeting your campaign to specific local geographies, we provide a better connection with your desired audience.

Landing Page Audits

We perform audits of your designated landing page to ensure that the ads are relevant to the page content to maintain quality scores.

Expert Recommendations

We utilize the knowledge gained from our Pay-Per-Click experience, including campaign management for Option Line and Heartbeat International, to make recommendations about your own ads, keywords, and website content to enhance your overall ad performance and help bring your center’s ads to mission critical clients who are actively seeking help.

Please contact an Extend Web Services representative for more information on our Google Ads platform and pricing options!

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