Video Subscription

Video Subscription

Extend offers a quick and easy way for you to add quality video content to you site for a minimal price through our monthly subscription option.

Simply sign up for your subscription and for $25 each month you can access up to two videos from our video library.

When you're ready to switch videos just fill out the form below and give us 24-48 hours to add or swap out the videos on your website.

New videos will be released each month, providing you with fresh options for your site.

Videos for Donors:

Donor Video 1: One Gift

Donor Video 2: Change Her Story

Donor Video 3: Beautiful Firsts

Videos for Clients: 

New! Client Video 5: Our Services

Client Video 1: In an Instant

Client Video 2: Pressure

Client Video 3: Strong Women 

Client Video 4: You Deserve

Videos are hosted by Extend Web Services. A video subscription does not allow an organization to download or edit video footage.

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