Have you checked your EWS provided email inbox recently?

If you haven’t then you might not be aware of the awesome upgrade to your email services.You now have up to 5 GB (20x more than before) of email storage, improved spam filters and protection, the ability to set your own password and more!

If you are using our email services, not only will you get reliable email but also domain-based email addresses which gives your center credibility and association to your website.

Once you have accessed the new Webmail interface, your inbox will look like this:

In the Webmail interface, it is a very simple and straightforward look with all the basic functionalities of email. In addition, in the Webmail interface you can use the Calendar feature and Address Book; however, these two features (Calendar and Address Book) are not currently supported to synchronize to Outlook or any other email client such as Mail apps in mobile/smartphone devices.

If you have been using Outlook as your email client to communicate with our previous email service, you can easily make changes to Outlook to work with our new email services. Please visit this Knowledge Base article to get instructions you can download in a PDF document.

If you would like to use your mobile/smartphone device to check your emails, you can use the following Knowledge Base articles to set up a new account or change settings for an already established account:

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