Creating An Add-On Contact To Your Account

Adding A Contact To An Existing Accountds On Extend Web Services Website.

A lot of times when an account is set up for an Extend customer, it is set up under the Executive Director’s name or another contact that doesn’t necessarily take care of the day to day management of the account. If you are the person in charge of the account for your center but not the main contact in our system, you will need to create  an add-on contact on the Extend website so you can log in and manage the account.

Here’s how you do that:

Go to and click on “login” in the main menu.

Log in using the information given to your center. For example if we have your Executive Director’s information for your account, you will need to retrieve that information from them.

Once you’re logged in click on “My Details” in the client menu bar.

Then click on “Add New Contact”

Fill out your information and then make sure you check “Activate Sub-Account”. This will give you the option to enter a password.

Click on “Save Changes” and you’re all set!

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